Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dont you ever feel like this before??

Heey are ya today??...feelin good?..sad?..its a common emotion to feel in each passing day..feeling good or sad is a general question....i wanna ask u guys something...when u are in childhood , did u guys ever felt that u want to have a super power??..or want to be someone special that have something others people dont??...if u ask me..i would say yess...bcoz until now i have that feeling..but we change it into something more my case i really2 want to be someone that inspire others..i want to be a great and strong in every aspect of life...but sometimes if we dont get what we want...or mybe we will get it someday but it will takes a lot of time and will make us likeeeee...bored?...or sad?..or mybe give up....and sometimes i think about my goal in life...i start to feel sad...bcoz until now i couldnt get what i want...but from this, i start to learn..people said that we start "one step in front of the other"...and i belive my effort will get paid someday..and we must help others if they got any problem...bcoz Allah always give a test to us and every good things that we do..We will be paid by what i can say is..dont too focus about your goal and planning..focus about what in front of u..the challange that u will face...this advice and sharing is right from my heart...and thanks coz read this...although it is a little bit boring...hahaha!!...thanks guys...thats all for today..Assalamualaikum...

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