Saturday, April 23, 2011

its like...that day was so Rockin!!...

okey where should i begin?...hummm..okey i get now lets start from the first fun that i taste....its gonna be the day when im at Restoran Tupai - Tupai  the food there was like Awsome!..i love the taste of the Tom Yam..then the enviroment is like traditional malaysian enviroment..overall that place is amazing..u guys should try it out!...we went this place in a large number, i think about 4 Car...the way to this place is quite tricky..because it is lack of direction i think..luckily i have my friend who show me the way..he3!...thx korang!!..anndd!!...coming soon!..i just cant wait to tell the story to you!!! is about the excitement when im at Family Day of my Place!....soo wait for the story okey!..dont go anywhere!..>_<..hee!..thx coz read this post!...Love u guys!...and sorry coz troubling u guys to ready my blog with this terrible English.ha3!..coz im practicing for my English Exam...he3..Wish me luck okey!..Assalamualaikum!..>_<

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