Saturday, January 22, 2011

yyyyeeeaahh!!..jalan2!..carik camere..hu3..


yesss!...best3! friend have their semester brake , so we gonna have some hangout at BB..its a great momment where we take a lot of picture in TS..the decoration in it is All about chinese new year..i also wanna find a i decided to buy nikon..its a very cute and tiny camera..and i pick a red colour...yes a red colour..he3!..its very affordalbe..its about RM600..with astonishing perfomance and elegence me it is very im quite happy..i mean..very happy with it..he3...after that u can take a look at picture beloww...




yeah..after that my friends wanna join there will be a lot of always we take a pic..and have a lunch..yum3!!..but too bad my kuey teow was soooo spicy..and i cant eat it too much..i cant eat spicy things too much..hu3..after that we have a moovviiieee time!!..we watch "Faster"....that is great movie..altough i felt soo sleepy..bcoz of karaoke last nite until 3.00am , but i still open up my eyes for that movie..but the crazzineess wont stop here..OTW to go back home...........................

Yes ...yes...yess...this is the crazziness that im talk about..the crazzines in the car..ha3!..eventough im a bit tired...but i can still pose!..ha3!..soo thats all see ya !..Assalamualaikum!..bubye!..

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